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Common Masonry Issues

Step Cracks
Vertical Cracks
Bulging Bricks or Masonry Walls
Compacted Bricks
Steel Lintel Deflection
Mortar Deterioration
efflorescence brick.jpg
Efflorescence:  Efflorescence is a crystalline, salty deposit that occurs on the surface of bricks, concrete and other masonry products.  It is a off white, and sometimes even brilliant white in color.
In order for efflorescence to occur, there must be water present to dissolve and transport salts to the brick surface by moisture and capillary action.  

Step Cracks: 

Step cracks can be found especially in areas where there is a lot of thawing and freezing, they are caused by settling walls.  Step cracks are pretty common, however they should be addressed when found. 
step cracks in block.jpg

Vertical Corner Cracks:  Vertical corner cracks are caused by soil shrinkage due to drought like conditions around and beneath you foundation.

Cracking Masonry Corner.jpg
Deteriorated Mortar.jpg
Mortar Deterioration:  Excessive moisture can cause mortar deterioration.  To prevent damage the flow of water needs to be directed away from the brick.  
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